Commemorating 80 years since the American came to Bude to train for D-Day

Bude at War has been carefully planned to provide a thought provoking weekend of education, history, heritage and commemoration. 

 We have a really busy weekend with so much happening.  The vast majority of the event is free entry. We ask that you make a donation if you can and/or buy the 1940s' Daily Sketch which has all the news, local stories of Bude at that time and programme and map.

  • Nearly 50 military WWII vehicles,
  • Re-enactment groups,
  • ENSA and USO entertainment
  • The BIGGEST D-DAY LANDING beach assault re-enactment
  • Free education day, and history trails for children and families
  • Enigma Machine Talks with Bletchley Park
  • Codebreaking  challenges with GCHQ
  • Vintage Belly Boarding - with prizes for the best fun!
  • GI Dance at Wooda Barn with three live acts including The Liberty Sisters, Miss Hobbs and a Big Band!
  • Lindy Hop at Crooklets Beach
  • Cliff climbing where the Rangers climbed at Maer High
  • Art Exhibition by students at The Castl;e
  • Cleave Camp and RAF expo at The Castle
  • Artisan Market
  • Fire Power Displays
  • AMERICAN BASEBALL with the Claycutters
  • Heritage trail
  • Blitz Shelter with the Blackout Buddies and Captain Mainwaring
  • Donut Dollies
  • Great 1940s' displays in the town centre with 1940s menus
  • Military Parade
  • Commemoration Service
  • Hurricane and Spitfire
  • Speeches by Patton, Eisenhower, Churchill and Montgomery
  • Closing live music

Just don't miss it!


A thought provoking heritage, history, commemoration and education weekend

Bude at War is commemorating 80 years since the Americans came to Bude to train for D Day. We have a whole weekend of events

Blitz Shelter Experience

The sounds, smells and stories of the Blitz brought to you by The Blitz Buddies. Available Saturday and Sunday. Free entry. Donations welcomed

Commemoration Service

Sunday morning at 11am at The Rangers Memorial where we pay tribute to those who sacrificed so much.. Free entry

Vintage belly boarding

Saturday morning 10am on Summerleaze Beach. Run by Bude Surfing experience. Get your vintage cossies out and join in!  U18's are free. Adults £5 entry. Belly board included

Lots of events to do join in with. A wonderful weekend for the community

Get your tickets for the GI Dance! Limited tickets availble.

GI DANCE Wooda Farm

 A brilliant live music night with three live music acts with The Liberty Sisters, Miss Hobbs and the Metric Big Band. Tickets available from Bude Tourist Office £20pp

American Baseball

Saturday at The Cricket Club. Have a go sessions between 10am-11am and in the interval. Free entry.

Rangers Cliff Climb

All day Saturday at Maer High, where the Rangers trained for Pointe du Hoc. Your chance to scale the same cliffs. Run by Shoreline. £15 

Even more for children and families by way of education

Codebreaking, education packs, evacuee packs - all available free of charge. Just head on down to the Wharf

Hands on code breaking 

Free entry at The Falcon Hotel to see if you are smart enough to work at Bletchely Park! ALl day Saturday. Perfect for curious minds.

Evacuee Centre

Saturday morning at The Library between 10am and 1pm. Can you even begin to imagine what it was like to be evacuated?

ENIGMA machine Talks

Bletchley Park are running Enigma Machine Talks at 10am 12 noon and 2pm on Saturday at the Falcon, Tickets available for £12 at The Tourist office or £15 on the door.

Probably the biggest D-Day Landing re-enactment in the UK...
just saying...

This event has not skimped on anything. Did we mention the Spitfire and Hurricane.....?


Possibly the biggest D-Day landing                   re-eanctment and cliff assault in the UK.  Sunday afternoon at Crooklets beach.

1944 Military Vehicle and
Re-enactment Camp

Saturday and Sunday at Crooklets. Vehciles and re-eanctment groups of all sorts. Living history at your fingertips. Free entry (donations welcomed)

Lindy Hop Lessons

Join Derek and Jane for Lindy Hop sessions outside the Crooklets Cafe. Literally where music and dance meets the Sea!

Our history and heritage is everywhere in Bude. Our experiences during WWII were unique

Bude at War is based on local stories and interviews. Everything we have put together is about Bude during WWII.


Speeches from Churchill, Montgomery, Patten and Eisenhower. Sunday Afternoon at Crooklets Beach

Art Exhibition 

Art exhibition by Budehaven Students at The Castle. Thought provoking similarity between social behaviour during WWII and Covid. Free entry.

Newspaper programme

Everything you need to know about the whole wonderful weekend. Just £3.50 and it includes your cut out ID card!

Event Hours

The Bude at War event operate from Friday 15th September 2023 to Sunday 17th September 2023.

PLease note 


SATURDAY is open 10am -4pm and the GI DANCE is on from 7pm - 11.30pm

SUNDAY is open 10am. Bude at War closes at 4pm on Sunday

  • Mon – Thu
    • Closed
  • Friday
    • 10:00 am – 04:00 pm
  • Saturday
    • 10:00 am – 04:00 pm
    • 07:00 pm – 11:30 pm
  • Sunday
    • 10:00 am – 04:00 pm

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